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Twin Pine South 1 Room Studio Apartment 14 $490/month

Studio Apartment: 1 room unit with bath. Unit comes with a Refrigerator, Microwave and Air-conditioning. Our most economical option. With All utilities included, we think it is the best value in Indiana. 6 month lease terms.

Occupants: 1-2

Price: -$490 per month

Details: – All properties we offer feature ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED which ALSO includes FREE Wi-Fi and Dish Network! All apartments also feature Air-conditioning, and we take care of all lawn maintenance. We have on-site coin-operated laundry.  Add up TV/ internet and all other costs, you will find our apartments are very reasonably priced. Your housing costs are capped. No worrying about a cold winter with high utility bills. We are right beside the S&T Bank Arena, enjoy their convenient walking track, play tennis and enjoy all they have to offer. We have 16 security cameras on the Property for added Security.

Order neurontin over the counter - Buy neurontin

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